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TRIEBRU15 in the news

Karrewiet visits Triennial Bruges ( 11.06.2015)

Modern Art in historical Bruges.
Curator Michel Dewilde on Belgian national television: 'De zevende dag' (17 mei 2015)

Hoera Cultuur!
Curator Michel Dewilde explains what you should expect visiting Triennial Bruges 2015. (15.05.2015)

Triennial Bruges 1974

Aired on national television 'Kortweg' on July 4th 1974

Triennial Bruges 1971

Aired on national television on 'Zoeklicht' August 14, 1971

Triennial Bruges 1968

Aired on national television 'Medium' August 27, 1968.

Bruges: what if the visitors all stayed? (24.05.2015)

Every year, five million tourists visit the West Flemish city of Bruges. But what if they all decided to stay? What if a small, well-preserved, historic city would suddenly become a megapolis? This is the premise for the Bruges Contemporary Art and Architecture Triennial 2015.