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The Bruges Triennial has a provocative theme: what will the city of the future look like and how will Bruges respond to the challenges? Artists have a role in reflecting on this topic but so do businesses. We value the companies who are partnering us and supporting the Triennial as we explore the world of tomorrow. Their contribution is pivotal to a successful Triennial and to a bright future for Bruges. We extend our warm thanks to all of them!

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For over 80 years, the Belgian National Lottery has been supporting and assisting with numerous projects run by organisations with a humanitarian, social, sporting, cultural or scientific objective. For example, in 2014 over 10 million euros was earmarked in its annual budget for cultural projects. And it’s the players above all else who make this possible.

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AGC Glass Europe
AGC Glass Europe, (formerly Glaverbel), is part of the largest flat glass manufacturer in the world. There are two factories located in Zeebrugge. One is specialized in the fabrication of decorative glass (mirrors, painted glass), the other in insulating glazing.

The treehouse alludes to the magic of childhood, to being safe and sound high above the dangers of the real world. The artist’s symbolism is perfectly in harmony with Ethias’ philosophy of striving for a better world through engagement, compassion,  accessibility and respect for humanity and the planet


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These schools rolled up their sleeves and participated actively. Other schools got inspired.