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Jan Gehl


- Lecture (in English)

In the framework of the academic opening of the Triennial.

What does sustainability mean when we talk about cities and public spaces? Is it enough to use sustainable materials and to advocate for pedestrians and cyclists? Or are cities that are built on a human scale sustainable by definition? And what does this mean in practice for the design of public spaces?

The influential Danish architect and professor Jan Gehl, will speak about his approach and theoretical background. Within his research unit at the School of Architecture in Copenhagen, Jan Gehl developed a unique working method for basing city planning on the priorities of residents. The study of human well-being forms the basis for Gehl’s strategic planning and design process: he developed a research and mapping tool together with his architecture firm that shows how particular urban areas can be optimised.


Jan Gehl is an architect and founder of Gehl Architects. Gehl was formerly a professor and researcher at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ School of Architecture. He is the author of several publications, including Life Between Buildings, Cities for People and New City Spaces and his most recent book is titled How to Study Public Life. In his role as co-founder of Gehl Architects, he has worked on projects in Copenhagen and other major cities including London, Melbourne, Sydney, New York and Moscow. Jan Gehl received an honorary degree from the American institute of Architects.


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Jan Gehl
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20.05 - 20.05.2015


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