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Vertically Integrated Socialism

Zwarte Zaal

- Lecture

The Canadian artist Nicolas Grenier creates paintings and architectural installations. For this lecture, Grenier will cast a light on recent works and present his new project for the Bruges Triennial: Vertically Integrated Socialism, a conceptual structure that represents the entire social pyramid in one unique building. This architectural model acknowledges the social and economic contradictions of the modern neoliberal metropolis.


Nicolas Grenier (1982, Montreal, Canada) is interested in the skewed relationships between political, economic, cultural and social systems that we endure and in the principles - or lack thereof - that underlie them. His work takes these issues out of the theoretical and philosophical realm and into the physical. He mostly creates paintings and architectural installations but also drawings, digital images and art books. His work is both analytical and poetic. Grenier combines architecture with psychedelic renderings, texts with geometric abstractions and diagrams with colour fields. He divides his time between his hometown of Montreal and Los Angeles.


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Vertically Integrated Socialism
Zwarte Zaal Event

29.04 - 29.04.2015

event - Free

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