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Hack The City


- Youth project

In September 2015, Het Entrepot will place several young volunteers in a Bruges cellar where they will spend four days hacking into their home town’s DNA and thrashing out their dreams for Bruges. And all this under the watchful eyes of the outside world as cameras record the entire 4-day project.

They will brainstorm with each other but also have the help of various experts on the subject. Each day will close with an evening programme for the public. You are welcome to join in the debate on their ideas.


Het Entrepot in the sea harbor of Bruges (Belgium) is (also) a creative art lab for young artists who need time and space to create and to experiment. Everyone working with photography, video, music, theatre, dance, performance, graphic design and other creative media, is welcome.

Het Entrepot facilitates and supports young, upcoming artists and stimulates cross-cultural and interdisciplinary collaborations.

Het Entrepot is a non-profit organization, located in an old customs warehouse at the sea harbor near the historical city of Bruges, Belgium. The large building houses several different work spaces that are used by artists and musicians to rehearse and create.


Het Entrepot
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Het Entrepot

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Hack The City
Pakhuizen Event

17.09 - 20.09.2015

event - Free

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