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Luisterzoektocht met Vlieg


- Listening tour

Vlieg has hidden a treasure chest along the listening tour for the artists [O+A]! Borrow a listening balloon free of charge and discover the city using your ears. Listen well and find the treasure chest!

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Vlieg’s Treasures is a summer campaign for families. This campaign encourages families to head out and discover the cultural offer in their own neighbourhoods. Treasure chests are hidden at cultural locations throughout all of Flanders. These chests are hidden between the books at a library, in a museum garden, in the corner of a church and many other places. Families that go in search of the treasure in the museum cafe might also visit the exhibition while they’re there; someone looking for the treasure in the library can check out some books at the same time. Are you ready to go on the treasure hunt?


Schatten van Vlieg
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Schatten van Vlieg

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Luisterzoektocht met Vlieg
Poortersloge Event

01.07 - 31.08.2015

event - Free

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