Anne K. Senstad

Gold Guides Me

- light sculpture, Norway


As globalised urban dwellers, we are constantly being reminded of money, possessions, commerce and the economy. What value will we have as citizens in the city of the future? The word sculpture Gold Guides Me questions the ethical standards that guide our lives as the spiritual teachings that we formerly abided by are replaced by the fetishism of possessions, power and wealth.

About Gold Guides Me

As urban dwellers, we are constantly being reminded of money, commerce and personal possessions. We are surrounded by supermarkets, shops, trade fairs, banks, and so on. We are bombarded with advertising that tells us how to live, what products we should buy in order to be happy and successful, what we should believe in… Our daily lives are saturated with the demands of the virtual economy.

Our cities are built on capitalist foundations. Historically, cities were designed to meet the needs of trade and industry, production and transportation. But the question is, how long can this continue in the same way? How will our ethical standards change in the future? Will we citizens still have value in the cultural, social and political fabric of the city of the future or will we become faceless consumers? With increasing gentrification and property speculation, the value of the city itself is also deformed and transformed to become a financial and economic product.

Anne K. Senstad addresses this omnipresence of money and possessions with her work Gold Guides Me. The 3D word sculpture, located on the roof of the Spaanse Pakhuizen, questions our sociopolitical financial value systems and the psychological economics of advertising. Gold is the new God.



Essential Info

Anne K. Senstad
Gold Guides Me Outdoor

20.05 - 18.10.2015

outdoor - Free

Pakhuizen (Site DuPont), entrance through Wulpenstraat
Tue-Sun | 1:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Fri-Sat | 1:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Wheelchair accessible

URB EGG-café


Anne Katrine Senstad (1967, Oslo, Norway) works with installation art, photography, video, site- and time-specific art and land art. She is fascinated by sensory aesthetics, perception and transformation, transcendentalism in art and philosophy and political consciousness. Her site-specific installations and interventions redefine the psychological space in a dialogue with the architecture and the surroundings. Senstad reworks quotes from literary works and philosophy into neon and LED light drawings that are both critical and lyrical and that have a psychological, intellectual and emotional impact on the audience.
Senstad lives and works in New York. Her work is exhibited all over the world and included in the collections of galleries, institutions, companies and private collectors.

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